You secure the homes. We’ll secure your clients.

Every person who visits your site is a potential customer. Don’t miss a single one.

Security companies are endlessly busy. Your days are filled with installations, monitoring customer homes and reacting to potential threats, so interacting with the people visiting your website can feel like a low priority. But every missed interaction is a missed customer, giving your competition a chance to steal an opportunity you didn’t even know you had.

When you partner with ResCon, you gain an affordable way to help turn curious website visitors into loyal customers. Our world-class staff of virtual receptionists fully understand your business and can speak with your potential clients in real time, providing them with the information they need to give your business their full consideration. We help you grow your business while you focus on running it.

Discover how we add financial security to your business.

Save time
Interacting with website visitors is time intensive. But with ResCon, you can have a stand-out professional answering visitor questions and demonstrating your company’s value. 

Grow your client base
People search on the internet before picking up a phone. We help convert website visitors into paying customers by interacting with them on the first step of their decision-making journey.

Create new opportunities
With full-time monitoring of your web traffic, you can start acting on opportunities you previously didn’t know was there.

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