Inbound Call Service

Our team will get to know your brand inside and out so that we don’t just have answers for your current and potential clients, but we represent you as well as or better than your own team.

Outbound Call Service

Beyond returning messages left during your “after hours,” we can make outbound calls to say “thank you” for a first visit or to clarify billing if a charge is refused, or to call before annual renewal dates.

Text Messaging (SMS) Services 

Some clients would prefer a text message instead of an email or a call.  We most often use these services to remind clients of upcoming appointments, but it can be deployed in a variety of ways, depending on your desires.

Email Management

You may get email inquiries - the same team answering calls and doing your live chat can also answer emails.  This ensures a consistent voice.

Live Chat on the Web

Those little chat boxes that pop up on websites?  Instead of a robot answering, that could be ResCon: real people giving real answers, making reservations, or giving ideas.

CRM Management

All of this customer data needs to be collected, maintained, and proactively used.  This isn’t just for our team, but it’s for you to see and access in real-time.

Feedback Management 

Instead of customer feedback falling into the black hole of the "suggestion box" we appropriately incorporate customer feedback into our processes immediately, and/or pass on higher-level feedback to you.  We make sure our customers know about public and persistent ways to leave positive reviews online. 

Social Media Management

Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets have now become ways for current and potential clients to reach us.  Our team will passively and actively maintain these outlets for you.

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