Whatever kind of business you have, you need to deal with inbound customers, be they over the phone, email, social media, live chat or text message.  Often these tasks are divided up piecemeal among existing staff and may be done passably well.  Or not.

But what if you had an all-in-one solution?  A group of people tasked to answer your inbound calls who weren’t just answering questions, but were actively making appointments or changes, as well as making outbound calls on directives you give?  And what if that team was available 7 days a week and weren’t tasked with also trying to juggle in-person customers?  Well, then you’d have Resconcierge, aka “RESCON.”

We are a high-touch, and next-level concierge contact center with an omni-channel offering (phone/SMS/email/live chat).  We hope to serve you by consolidating your work flow and serve your clients by delivering an excellent and distinctive experience every time they contact you!