We know the legal business well…

With your endless cycle of appointments, consultancies, cases and court appearances, you simply don’t have the time to take every call that comes through to your law firm. But when you miss a call, you’re missing out on potential revenue. With our concierge service, you can add more clients to your roster, increase your earnings and provide a level of customer service that equals your legal prowess.

Never miss out on a potential new client again. When you partner with ResCon, every call receives an answer, helping you gain new clients and retain old ones. Our staff prides itself on learning the ins and outs of your law practice, essentially becoming an extension of your firm. Your clients won’t know they’re talking to a concierge service —they’ll assume they’re speaking with an on-site member of your staff.

Plus, you’ll never have to deal with the stress of unreliable receptionists again. We can handle your calls seven days a week. And with multiple agents in place that fully understand your business and how it operates, we have redundancies in place to insure that a friendly, knowledgeable virtual receptionist is always on hand to take your calls.

Why add us to your legal arsenal?

Make clients a priority
Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of client communication. Our U.S.-based virtual concierges handle all of your calls, ensuring current clients are always given the attention they deserve while keeping potential new clients from calling another firm.

Gather pertinent information
Our dependable team will collect all the necessary information from your calls, allowing you to fully understand your clients’ needs before you return their call.

Cut costs
A new employee costs money. With ResCon, you get the full benefits of a skilled concierge receptionist at a far more favorable cost. Starting at less than $20 a day, your firm will receive next-level coverage for all your phone and communication needs, all while creating the appearance of a much larger business to impress current and potential new clients.

What will we do for you and your firm?

  • Answer 100% of your inbound calls

  • Make outbound and follow-up calls

  • Two-way text messaging for your clients that prefer to text instead

  • Manage your email inbox (e.g. info@yourfirm.com)

  • Connect with your clients on live web chats

  • Input clients into your CRM (e.g. Lexicata)

  • Collect and manage client feedback

Ready to learn more? Give us a call at 214-919-5919 or email Taylor Clark at tclark@resconcierge.com