You’ve seen it before...  

The salesperson at a department store is helping you at a particular counter.  Then the phone rings.  He/she asks you to please wait a moment while the phone is answered.  You politely continue to browse or examine the products you were looking at.  He/she apologizes after dealing with the call.  The interaction continues for a few more minutes (or fewer) and the phone rings again.  Depending on the season and the number of people helping you this experience could be better or worse, but it wasn’t just a consistency issue that bugged us, it was the customer experience.

When we started ResCon, the goal was to deliver a phone-free customer experience.  We didn’t pretend that inbound phone calls weren’t an integral and essential part of our business.  Instead, we decided to take it more seriously than just asking all employees (or even a few) to answer whatever call came in.

Having a dedicated team to answer calls freed up staff to do their primary work to the best of their ability, and even better, get tasks done that weren’t getting done because they were that “one more thing” on their lists.  Developing the ResCon team was an exercise in the possibilities of what more we could do, instead of ongoing frustration about what wasn’t getting done in the first place, or wasn’t getting done well.

We want to help elevate your client experience while streamlining your front and back office.  We’re ResCon, and we’re here to help you take your business to the next level.